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ProClips Adapter
ProClips Adapter
ProClips Adapter - Client Example

ProClips® Base Adapter

$ 19.00

Installation is Easy. 

  • Install onto any ProClips clip on mount in less than 10 minutes. 


  • Thousands of vehicles can now enjoy the 67 Designs range of aluminum and carbon fiber components.
  • Makes any ProClips clip-on component (sold by ProClips) a base with a 20mm ball to attach 67 Designs carbon fiber arms.
  • Fast and quick to install before or after you have clipped on the ProClips base to your dash.
  • Full instructions. 

Product Details

  • Pack contains:
    • 1 x 4 hole 67 Designs created base with a 20mm ball installed.
    • Comes complete with a 20mm ball to attach a 67 Designs' carbon fiber arm and holders (sold separately).
    • Item Number: D21043 


  • One word of caution for anyone considering a ProClips base. The clip-on design from ProClips requires their component to be attached to various parts of a vehicles plastic trim. While the clip-on bases that clients have sent 67 Designs seem thoughtfully engineered by ProClips, adding any hardware like that can cause stress on the trim components. Such trim was almost certainly not designed to be loaded up and so depending on placement, the trim itself can move and flex. A ProClips clip-on base might even damage the vehicle trim. Customers are responsible for 100% ensuring they select the correct ProClips product for their vehicle. 67 Designs does not endorse or make any judgement on fitness for purpose of any ProClips clip-on base or other products. 


ProClips is a registered trademark of the Swedish parent company called Brodit.