Grenadier (2024+)

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The Original Grenadier Phone Mounts

Discover the exhilaration of seamless connectivity with the Carbon Fiber Series® by 67 Designs! Tailor-made for the adventurous INEOS Grenadier 2024+ models, these dash mounts and Wolfbox mirror mounting kit bring unmatched functionality to your journey.

Crafted with passion in the U.S.A., these mounts are your perfect companion for securing your phone, tablet, GPS, or handheld radio. Whether you're navigating the urban sprawl or exploring untamed trails, they're designed to enhance your overland experiences on and off the road.

With the ability to hold multiple devices, 67 Designs’ mounts are the quintessential gadget for tech enthusiasts who love to drive or ride in the INEOS Grenadier. Embrace the future of driving comfort and convenience, where every journey is an adventure waiting to happen!

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