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Toyota A-Pillar Mounting Point Pack
Toyota A-Pillar Pack

Toyota A-Pillar Mounting Point Pack

$ 35.00


  • This pack contains all you need to install a 20mm diameter ball on the A-Pillar.
  • Rapid installation in minutes. 

Product Details

  • The Kit contains:
    • 1 x 20mm dia. Little Ball 
    • 1 x 3D printed adapter for the 20mm Little ball
    • 1 x 6mm x 1 - 60mm long
    • 1 x 6mm flat washer
    • 1 x 6mm jagged edge washer
  • The 3D printed black nylon adapter is specifically designed and printed for use with the Little Ball for 1" Tube. 
  • Do not forget to order the Carbon Fiber Arm and the holder you wish. (Not part of this Pack)

Compatible Vehicles

  • This product is know to fit the following vehicle(s)
    • Tacoma (2011-2018) 


Acknowledgement: This kit was first proposed by the creator of the Deadman Off-Road. Please also checkout a great recovery and rescue product! (