Jeep® JL (2024+)

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67 Designs offers you the following choice in Jeep® JL (2024+) mounting bases:
  1. The AMPS Single Ball Base in Carbon Fiber - perfect for those looking for just one arm and phone holder from each dash mounting point.
  2. The Dual Ball Base in Carbon Fiber or Nylon - this allows a Jeep owner to have up to 2 arms or phone or device holders either side of the center dash speaker. A very affordable way for owners to mount up to 4 devices (2 x Dual Ball Base required).
  3. The JLRail™ Base is the ultimate platform for up to 7 mounting points to add arms and or device holders. For the serious adventurer looking to have ultimate control over device placement.

As one client succinctly wrote: "It is the very best that money can buy."

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