Installation of the TacoRail™ Base

 Read the full instructions before starting. Follow these steps to install your TacoRail™ multi ball base. Allow 10-15 minutes.


Step 1 - Pull the middle section of the Tacoma dash

This may seem a scary prospect, but it is very simple, clean and requires no tools. 

  • Place your left hand in a position you can just get your fingers inside the edge of the middle section. (Hint: you finger nails will be close to the clear plastic of the instrument cluster.)
  • Place your right hand at the end of the of the middle section near the round vent. Put the tips of your four fingers behind the front bezel so you can grip the dash.
  • With both hands, gently, but firmly pull the whole dash section away from the dash. The radio will stay in place and you will feel several clips just pull away. Be firm, but don't be a gorilla about it! 

Step 2 - Take the Dash Component to your table/workbench

  • Take the dash section to a table or work bench. 
  • Cover the entire back section behind the front bezel with blue painters tape. This will be used to mark the placement of the 3 x 3mm drip holes used to attach the base.

Step 3 - Offer up the TacoRail™ base on the blue tape

  • Gently place the TacoRail base on the blue tape. It will be obvious what is back and front. The logo goes to the front. You will see why the base is machined with the angle it has.
  • Slide the TacoRail base along the blue tape so that the back of the TacoRail base is flush with the rear of the dash component. Feel it with your fingers. As long as the back of the TacoRail base is not over the edge of the plastic, the dash component will push fit back into the Tacoma without issue.


Step 4 - Mark the blue tape through the TacoRail™ base.

  • Before marking the hole position, look 'inside' the dash component and the position of the interior plastic clip supports.
  • If you think the hole will go through the support, slide the TacoTail base along a little so your holes will allow the fastener to work well for you.
  • When happy with the position (and the base does not 'overhang' the plastic, then use a narrow pen of appropriate sharp object to make clear marks on the blue tape.
  • Be sure to not let the base slip around on the blue tape as you do this, or your holes will not be aligned!  


Step 5 - Remove the Rail Base and prepare to drill

  • Set the base to one side.
  • Very carefully use a Dremel (or similar) to drill a 3.5mm hole at the positions your marked. It will typically go very quickly as the plastic is relatively soft.
  • None of your drill holes should be on the bezel part! 
  • Check with one of the supplied 3mm fasteners that it will pass through the hole and that you will have the clearance on the back for the 3mm nylon nut.

Step 6 - Place the TacoRail™ base on the dash and fasten

  • Take the TacoRail base and line up the holes in the base and the dash.
  • Place the 3mm x 16mm socket fastener in the middle hole in the rail profile and get the 3mm nylox nut started, but do not tighten down.
  • Place the two 3mm x 12mm socket fasteners through the two remaining holes in the thin section of the rail. Add the 3mm nylox nut and start.
  • The base should sit flush with the top of the bezel as shown in listing photos.
  • Once happy with the positioning, tighten all three socket cap fasteners into the nylox to the base is firmly attached to the dash component.


Step 7 - Reinstall the dash component

  • This is the reverse procedure to Step 1. It will be obvious how the clips will align. 
  • After positioning the dash in front of the vents and radio, gently push the entire dash component with newly installed TacoRail™ into place. You will hear several clips push fit into place.  


Step 8 - Install the included BT55 track ball, arm and holder.

The TacoRail™ pack comes with one BT55 trackball set and an L-wrench. It is important you use the supplied Series 55 nut and socket fastener and insert the trackball so the alignment prevents the trackball from turning. Remember to use the L-wrench to tighten the BT55 very firmly to the TacoRail base.   

Once the trackball is installed, attach the the Nano arm and holder that was part of the pack. Adjust to your desired position. Enjoy! 


CAUTION - Nano, Mini Arm Lengths Only

The TacoRail™ pack comes with a Nano arm. The is the best size to get a holder just in front of the dash for a device holder and allow clear use of the radio and get air from the vents.

Do NOT use the TacoRail™ base with the Medium or Large carbon fiber arms.   

Total combined weight of all device/case combinations not to exceed 1.7 lbs with maximum arm length being the MINI.

NEVER place any arm and holder in such a way that a device is held that could in any way obstruct the SRS airbag systems! 

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