Customer Spotlight: Matt Girgis

Customer Spotlight: Matt Girgis

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On this “episode” of 67 Designs Customer Spotlights, where we share the stories of some of our customers, we get to know Matt Girgis. Girgis, from LA, is a mechanical engineer who also does a lot of videography and photography. After his first overlanding trip during his junior year of college, he was hooked. Read on to hear more about Matt’s story.  



Proud owner of a: black Chevy Colorado 2017 


Featured upgrades: Matt’s Chevy is decked out with the following…

  • Interior 
    • 67 Designs Universal for Phones 
    • Deck Drawer system
    • 4x4 sPOD Light Switch Controller
    • Victory 4x4 Center Console Mount
    • Midland MXT275 GMRS Radio
  • Exterior 
    • Peak Suspension 3inch Coilover Suspension lift
    • MBRP Exhaust system 
    • IVD Suspension Delta Joint upper control arms
    • Diode Dynamics Low Beams 
    • KC HiLites Pro6 Gravity light bar 
    • KC HiLites Flex Dual ditch lights
    • KC HiLites Flex chase lights
    • KC HiLites C2 Perimeter lights
    • 589 Fabrication Bed Rack
    • Roam Adventure Co. Awning
    • Roam Adventure Co. 95L Boxes
    • Roam Adventure Co. All-Black Tent
    • Hercules Tires 33” tires 285/70/17
    • Method Race Wheels Black 702 Trail Series
    • GoFab Fender Relocation Bracket
    • RotopaX Fuel Pack 
    • Rocky Road Outfitters Sliders
    • Prinsu Design Studio Roof Rack 
    • CBI Offroad Fab Ditch Brackets
    • CBI Offroad Fab Skid Plates
    • Daley Visual Wrap 
    • Timbren Industries Active Bumpstops 

Customer of 67 Designs since: March 2020. 



Inspiration for buying Chevy: Landscape photography is what drew Matt to overlanding initially, the “thrilling and exciting” adventures is what hooked him on the lifestyle. He acknowledges that it is fun to be able to find locations that others cannot get to (and be able to have AC at the same time!). 

First adventure with vehicle: January 2019. Matt’s first adventure was to Anza-Borrego Desert with some of his college roommates—“that’s when it sparked for me.” He realized that being able to camp on the side of a cliff, explore the oasis and see the sunset and the stars was what he wanted to continue to do. 



Most recent adventure/COVID-19 adventures: June 2020. Most recently, Matt went back to Anza-Borrego which reopened on June 10th, with a close buddy. They were some of the only ones on the trails and they made it a point to explore, without following the maps too closely. There were a lot of photo ops, especially since you can see the Milky Way with the naked eye out there!

Most memorable adventure: November 2019. During one of the government shutdowns last year, Matt and others got around 400 people to head out to Joshua Tree to clean up 30 tons of trash. It was an amazing experience for Matt, who cares about the environment just as much as he loves overlanding. 


Upcoming trips: Matt has a few trips in the works such as a PCH trip (San Diego to Washington) and a trip through Black Bear Pass in Colorado. 

Dream trip: One of Matt’s dreams is to ship his rig out to Australia and explore the coast and “the bush.” He also would love to do a trip through Banff to the Arctic. 



Advice for those who are just beginning overlanding: “Just get out;” “come prepared;” “have plenty of water and food;” “don't look at extravagant and expensive pieces;” and “look at the needs and less so the wants.” 

#1 place he has camped: Coyote Flat, Bishop CA. Within an hour or two, you can climb 8,000ft and get to a peak where you can enjoy Funnel Lake. And there are no mosquitos! 



Fun fact about Matt: He does a lot of videography, especially for weddings! 

Jeep club memberships: Weekend Off Road (he does a lot of media for them).  



Notes from the writer: As a relatively young overlander, Matt has already been on many adventures. He averages about two trips a month. He loves socializing through the overlanding community and has made and sustained many friendships through it—he barely ever goes out solo. He and his fiance are also looking for a new trail dog—let him know if you have any leads! 

Check out his work here: If you are interested in Matt’s videography/photography (which is amazing!), you can check it out here…


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