Customer Spotlight: Dan Weinel

Customer Spotlight: Dan Weinel

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On this “episode” of 67 Designs Customer Spotlights, where we share the stories of some of our customers, we get to know Dan Weinel. Weinel, from Bel Air, Maryland, is a full time content creator who spends his time exploring the east coast (woot woot!) and sipping different craft beers.

Proud owner of: Black hard top 2016 Jeep JKU. 

Featured upgrades: Dan’s Jeep is decked out (kudos to Backwoods Overland LLC) with…

  • Interior 
    • Catoctin Jeep and Off-Road 1 ton steering 
    • 67 Designs Suction Cup Mount 
    • 67 Designs Medium Arm 
    • 67 Designs T-Track Ball 
    • 67 Designs Universal Phone Holder 
    • 67 Designs Roll Bar Clamp 
    • 67 Designs Medium Matte Arm 
    • 67 Designs ¼-20 Ball Mount 
    • 67 Designs iPad Clamp 
    • 67 Designs GoPro Mount
    • Goose Gear Plate System
  • Exterior
    • 4” lift with custom linkage
    • 4.56 gear ratio regear
    • Anthem Off-Road Aviator 17x19 wrapped in 35” Cooper Discoverer Stt Pro tires
    • Rock Hard 4x4 sport cage 
    • Front Runner Foxwing Darche 180° Awning
    • Darche Futura 1600 rooftop tent 

Customer of 67 Designs since: July 2017.



Inspiration for buying Jeep JKU: When Dan graduated from college, he needed a vehicle to drive back and forth from work (he was working as an audio visual contractor!). After his first trip to the west coast with his brother and sister (Seattle, where he got to see Mt. Reiner), he realized that he wanted to explore as much of the country as possible. The Jeep was the best option for Weinel! 

First adventure with vehicle: October 2018. Five days after he became a full time freelancer, Dan took a 2 week trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan. He did a big loop over the Mackinac Bridge and then went up to Copper Harbor on Lake Superior. This is a very isolated town where the residents were in the process of getting ready for a dogsled race (Lake Superior is one of the most snow covered places in the US!). Overall, the drive was awesome because the state parks up there have dirt road systems built throughout. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore was a highlight for him!



Most recent adventure/COVID-19 adventures: In May, Dan went to Cape Lookout, North Carolina (a 41 mile long barrier island) for a long weekend. Unfortunately, while they were there, there was a tropical storm alert. Luckily, they found a storm shelter on the island! Other than that, the trip was a blast. 

Most memorable adventure: November 2019. Dan took his Jeep from Maryland up to the Greensborough area in Vermont. For him, the coolest part was seeing the landscape change as he drove north. It essentially turned from summer to fall in a matter of hours. Once up there, he was able to do a lot of trail exploration, camping and beer sipping (Dan suggests Civil Disobedience #9 from Hill Farmstead). 



Upcoming trips: Dan plans to go out to Colorado (Ouray area) for 2 weeks in the middle of August and then take a group trip to Cape Lookout in September with some friends.

Dream trip: Dan has always wanted to do a trip up in Iceland but he also was looking forward to a 4 month long trip through Eastern Europe, Iran, Mongolia, China and Vietnam. Unfortunately, the trip has been postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19. 



Advice for those who are just beginning overlanding: “Just start exploring;” “don’t feel like you need to have the vehicles that are built with tens and thousands of dollars of aftermarket equipment;” “you’ll learn what you need as you go.”

#1 place he has camped: Cape Lookout, Hill Farmstead and the Mojave National Desert for an assignment with Turtleback Trailers (up at 5200ft—there was snow!). 

Fun fact about Dan: He has an audio engineering degree, with which he built a recording studio and was a record producer back before becoming a content creator. Pretty neat!

Jeep club memberships: Chesapeake Jeep Club, Jeep Club of Maryland and Infidel Jeepers. 



Notes from the writer: All bias aside from a fellow east coaster, Dan is a pretty rad dude (who does show that the east coast has a lot to offer in terms of overlanding!). He even knows how to play the drums, base, piano and guitar! And he sings! Dan would certainly make for a good overlanding companion if you were interested in bonfires. Not too late to ask him about the Europe/Asia trip…AND he has a dog Skye, a 2-year-old Rottweiler, that he is hoping to bring on some trips in the future. 

Check out Dan’s work here: You can browse through Dan’s incredible photos on his website and Instagram linked below...


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