Mission - Project Heal The Land

Mission - Project Heal The Land

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Some People Have a Calling.

Sometimes there are people that you meet in life that actually have a something to say about our place in nature. Rob Spencer is one of those people with interesting perspectives. The 67 Designs team has been happy to support Rob's various initiatives and wanted to share with you Rob's latest odyssey.

At Overland Expo West 2022 we had a chance to re-connect with Rob and learn about his latest work on "Project Heal The Land".

What Rob described about the lifecycle of our environment jived. He was not just talking about clearing trails (although they do that), but about seed collection, growing seedlings and re-planting. We had not heard of such a full lifecycle approach before at overlanding events.

Yes, as overlanders and adventurers we can tread as lightly as possible, but the reality is that we unquestionably have an impact on the land we travel through. None of us intend to cause harm, but it happens. We do our best and pack out what we pack in, but we can and do inadvertently damage small trees and other plants that are vital for the ecosystem under out feet.

Rob's answer sounds like a more thoughtful plan by gathering seeds, nurturing them to seedlings and the replanting more than may have been harmed by vehicles on the trail.


Rob of PHTL

Rob Spencer

Project Heal The Land (PHTL) Needs You!

We will not attempt to replicate Rob's site here and instead ask you to head over to the About Us page of PHTL. (https://projecthealtheland.org/about-us/)

Please consider volunteering on one of Rob's teams involved in:

  • Restoration
  • Seed Collection
  • Tree Planting
  • Growing Plants
  • Advocacy and Education


Rob’s Mission

“Our mission is to educate, restore, and conserve our lands, plants, and wildlife while inspiring people to spend as much time in nature as possible.”

Do you have a mission or cause that evolved from or is possible because of vehicle (overland 4WD, boat or plane) based adventures?

If you have a doing good mission or are involved in some way giving back to society or the world around us through your overlanding or similar adventures, let us know.