Installation of the JK Mount Bases

67 Designs is now shipping all new single and double ball bases with custom shaped 3M branded very high bond (VHB) material.

Although there are many videos on YouTube showing the use of silicone to attach the base to the dash, customers no longer have to use silicone! Instead, simply use the included VHB on or to be attached to the base. 

Follow these steps to install your JK Mount™ base. Allow 10-15 minutes.

Step 1

Remove the interior OEM rubber tray from the dash recess. Set aside.

Step 2

Using a small 7mm socket, remove the OEM fastener and set aside.

Step 3

Without removing the 3M branded white paper liner on either piece of VHB, now 'dry fit' the base on the inside of the dash recess. We suggest aligning using the OEM fastener from Step 2 as a guide. Ensure you understand how the base will sit inside the dash recess. It is logical layout with the flat front of the base facing the interior of the car. Do NOT screw in the fastener at this time. When finished 'dry fitting', remove the base and set the fastener aside for use in Step 6.

Step 4

After having 'dry fit' the base in step 4, remove the base from the dash. Carefully peel away the 3M branded liner on both sections of VHB to expose the 'sticky side' of the VHB.

 Remove the white liner

Step 5

Just as you did in Step 3, offer up the base to the same position inside the dash recess. It is recommended that you also use the 7mm fastener as a positioning guide while you bring the VHB surfaces in contact with the dash. Take your time to position correctly. Ensure that the VHB at the front of the base is in direct contact with the vertical dash surface.

Step 6

Slowly install the 7mm OEM fastener. It is very important to NOT over tighten the fastener with the socket. Over-tightening will cause the dash recess to become distorted and pull the base away from the dash surface. No more than 'barely tight' is required. The base should sit firmly and evenly inside of the dash recess with the front surface in contact with the dash. 

Step 7

The VHB will begin the bond immediately, but reaches full bond in 18-24 hours. Avoid excessive or aggressive movement of the base that may break the bond of the VHB to the dash.

Step 8

Attach the arm(s) and device holder(s) immediately and begin to use the JK Mount. Enjoy your new JK Mount from 67 Designs and be safer hands free!



Please remember to DRIVE RESPONSIBLY. No TEXTING & EMAIL when vehicle in Motion! Use SIRI®