It's About to Get Real!

It's About to Get Real!

67 Designs Team |

In 2012, as I navigated the confined space of a CT scanner, I made a life-altering decision to start 67 Designs. It wasn't the typical setting for entrepreneurial inspiration, but it's a decision I embrace wholeheartedly. The inception of 67 Designs marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey into the realm of business ownership and entrepreneurship. Not the 'first rodeo', but the one that continues to have a positive impact on the community.

Starting, owning, and operating 67 Designs has been nothing short of an amazing odyssey—a complex journey filled with unique challenges and rewarding opportunities. This experience has offered me invaluable insights into the intricacies of running a US manufacturing business, insights I am eager to share through this series of blog posts.

In the upcoming entries, I intend to provide an unvarnished look into the trials and triumphs we've encountered along the way. This series will offer a detailed exploration of the obstacles we’ve faced, as well as the incredible opportunities that have propelled our company forward. For fellow entrepreneurs and those aspiring to enter the arena, these posts will serve as a practical guide and a source of inspiration.

I will delve into the complexities of the legal environment for patents and trademarks as well as the insane and eye-popping litigation against serial fraudsters and imposters. The narrative will include a diverse cast of characters—some of whom have played pivotal roles in our evolving story. Moreover, I will discuss why, in 2024, the over-arching mission of 67 Designs holds even greater significance for Americans than it did when we first launched. 

It is not hyperbole when I strongly state that the American manufacturing sector is at a true watershed moment in time. The stakes could not be higher for our national security and decline of trades and skills.   

Our country is currently at a crucial crossroads, confronted by both domestic challenges from opportunistic counterfeiters - what I call the fat pirates - and profound international threats. I will not shy away from naming those who have impacted our industry and will discuss the broader implications of these challenges on U.S. manufacturing, innovation and the future of for coming generations.

The impetus for launching this blog now stems from a renewed sense of inspiration and energy—stronger even than when I first started. Through countless conversations with our remarkable customers, many of whom I've had the pleasure of speaking with personally via customer service and shows, it has become evident that there is a widespread lack of awareness about the legal and operational challenges U.S. manufacturers face today.

Through this blog, I aim to from time to time enlighten our readers about these realities and discuss how they can support the resilience and growth of U.S. manufacturing. Stay tuned as we embark on this enlightening journey together, sharing the story of 67 Designs and our commitment to innovation and quality.



PS. Yep, I will share DALL-E images!