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Universal for Phones - Replacement Side Arm Surfaces

Universal for Phones - Replacement Side Arm Surfaces

$ 2.75

Installation is Easy.

  • Peel off the old side pieces
  • Place a fresh surface on the sides of the Universal for Phones device holder. 
  • Read below how to pay just $0.75 shipping for a single set of Side parts.


  • Freshen up your Universal device holder sides. 
  • Stops sliding on worn universal device holder for improved staying power and clean, fresh looks.

Product Details

  • 2 x small side arm pieces of US sourced 3M branded PSA backing to stick to the black anodized aluminum.
  • Keeps the device firmly against the Universal for Phones G1 or G2 device holder.
  • Material is delivered on a peel-way backing sheet.

How to get shipping for just $0.75!

  1. Add just one (one) set to your cart.
  2. Do not add any more than one set (containing two side strips!) and nothing else to the cart.
  3. The automated shipping rules for this item will then pickup the product specific shipping of just $0.75.
  4. Place your order.