Installation of the JL / Gladiator Mount Base - "The Driver" Edition

Read the full instructions below the video before starting. Follow these steps to install your JL Mount™ Driver Edition single ball base. Allow 10-15 minutes.

Video kindly created by MYE Jeeps of Sedona, Arizona.

Step 1 - Remove the TPE/Rubber Insert

Installation Installation

Remove the interior OEM rubber tray from the dash recess. Set aside.

Step 2 - Remove LHS OEM Fastener



Using a small Philips head screwdriver, remove the OEM fastener on the driver side of of dash recess. Set aside.

Step 3 - Dry-fit the base and check alignment


Do NOT remove the 3M branded liner paper from the very high Bond (VHB) material just yet. Instead, dry fit the JL Driver edition base on the left hand side of the dash recess. It will be obvious how you lead the base into the far edge (closest to the windshield glass) and to the left. The fit should be snug and the fastener hole will line up. Push down on the base closest to the windshield to ensure a snug fit. 

Feel free to line up the fastener, but do not screw in just yet. (If you are at all considering installing the optional additional screws, stop now and review the instructions and warnings in Step 7 (below)).  

Step 4 - After Dry-fit, Remove the 3M VHB Liner Paper

Remove the base from it's dry-fit position in Step 3 by gently pulling up the 20mm ball. Turn over the base and carefully remove the liner paper with the 3M print to expose the black VHB material. 

Step 5 - Install the Base & Tighten OEM Fastener


Replicating what you did in Step 3, install the base and line up the OEM fastener hole using the fastener. Push down firmly, but gently on the ball and base to ensure the VHB makes a solid contact with the dash surface. Re-check the alignment of the fastener and using the Philips head screw driver screw down the base. This fit will be snug, so go gently to draw the base down as you turn the fastener and apply pressure to the end closest to the windshield. 

Step 6 - Let the 3M VHB Reach Optimal Bond


Be patient!!! The optimal bond of the VHB with the dash material is ~24 hours. Do not overload the base or the VHB may needlessly pull away from the dash surface and result in a less than solid base installation. If you cannot contain yourself and want to connect the carbon fiber arm and holder, ensure that the arm contacts the top of the dash for full support! 

Step 7 - Extra Fastener Holes (Optional)

The base for the Driver edition has multiple holes and is delivered with two fasteners. It is purely optional if you install these fasteners. If you do, we suggest that in Step 3 you use a Sharpie and mark the hole locations.

Using extreme caution, drill two small 2.5mm holes through the dash using a hand drill. DO NOT penetrate more than the thickness of the dash material of (approximately 2mm) or you could damage components below the dash. Using a drill collar is strongly recommended.

After drilling the optional holes and completing Step 4, you can then carefully install the fasteners by hand. Take care to avoid any contact with the windshield glass. Also consider undertaking step 7 with the front windshield folded forward to give you maximum room. See Jeep instructions for doing that on the JL. 

Step 8 - Attach the Carbon Fiber Arm and Holder

Attach the carbon fiber arm and device holder that came with your order begin to use the JL Mount Driver edition. 

Step 9 - Cut & Install OEM TPE/Rubber Insert (Optional)

If you wish to use the OEM TPE/rubber liner for the dash in combination with the Driver single ball base, you can 'eye-ball' the required length of TPE to come flush with the end of the base and trim. 


Please help us improve:

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Installation FAQ:

Q: I messed up the included VHB - can I get some more?

A: Yes. You can order additional components from the JL page

Q: Can I remove the base after installation?

A. Yes. The chosen thin foam 3M VHB material is near permanent, but was deliberately selected to allow customers to remove the bases from vehicles. If you are moving the base to another JL, don't forget to order a new VHB installation kit!

Q: I have a different question, how can I that and get the help I need?

A: Contact Customer Service.


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