Installing the 20mm Simple Ball Mount in a Jeep JK 2007-2010

Installing one or more 20mm "BL20" Simple Ball Mounts into the dash of a JK 2007-2010 is relatively straight forward. It will require some simple tools, some patience and a little time.

Allow 20-30 minutes.

Step 1

Remove the curved upper panel of the center dash just above the OEM radio. To do this you may need a plastic interior panel removal tool or similar.

Here is a video that shows how you can do this. You only need to watch the first 42 seconds to complete Step 1! 

Video by Factory Car Stereo Repair 


Step 2 - Mark the hole locations

Take the removed dash component to a workbench.

Decide the preferred location for the "BL20" on your dash and place some 3M Blue Tape in that area. Remember to stay well away from the compass and any associated wiring or connectors below!

Place the included backing plate over the area you want the "BL20" to be positioned. Using the backing plate as your guide, carefully and accurately mark the hole locations with a Sharpie. Double check!

(For those interested in simple geometry - the 4.5mm holes are on a 20mm diameter circle and each hole is separated by 120 degrees.) 

Step 3 - Drilling the 3 x 4.5mm holes

The fasteners that must be installed into the "BL20" base are 4mm x.07 thread. (Only use this threaded!)

The clearance hole for the 4mm fasteners is 4.5mm diameter. This is the equivalent #16 US drill bit. 

Carefully and with the dash component very well supported from below, slowly and carefully drill the 3 x 4.5mm holes. Be gentle and take it slowly to avoid splitting the dash!

Step 4 - Installing and 'dry-fitting' the BL20 with the backing plate

We always recommend a backing plate is installed. 

From below the dash component install 3 fasteners through the backing plate and up through the dash itself. The fasteners should not extend more than 4mm above the plastic as that is the depth of each threaded hole in the base of the BL20.

At this time we recommend that you 'dry fit' the BL20. Carefully and deliberately install the fasteners ensuring you do not cross the threads. Once seated, make sure you are happy with how it is setup.

Remove the "BL20" from the fasteners, but do not completely disassemble the backing plate. 

Step 5 - Final installation with Loctite Thread Locker 

We recommend the use of a thread locker to ensure the fasteners do not vibrate and back out over time. 

Apply a small amount of the thread locker into each 4mm threaded hole in the base of the "BL20". Use a cocktail stick or tool to ensure the thread-locker is spread down the thread.

Wipe away any excess thread locker from the base of the BL20 as that could stain the top of the dash.

Reinstall the fasteners just as you did in Step 4

Make the the fit is snug, but do not over tighten or distort/flatten the dash under the "BL20" 

Step 6 - Reinstall the dash.

Reverse the process in Step one and return the dash to your Jeep. Do not forget to install the compass wires.

A Quick Analog Video:

This video of a "BL20" being installed in a 2014 JK may offer some tips and be a good analog to see how easy the BL20 is to install.


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