The BroncoRail™ Components

The short video below shows you the simplicity of the BroncoRail™ by 67 Designs. Our team worked through more than 20 different designs involving picatinny rails, split rails, die-cast rails and with various materials and finishes. 

Our #1 aesthetic goal was to ensure the mounting rail or bar was as low as feasibly possible in the dash line while providing maximum flexibility for mounting genuine 67 Designs carbon fiber arms and device holders.

We wanted to stay true to our design architecture which from day one has been to hide, not draw attention to the base when driving. 

After finally getting inside a Bronco we proceeded with a Series 55 rail based system utilizing a very simple CNC machined carbon fiber plate that connects to the Ford® OEM 'Accessory Ready' 1/4"-20 mounting thread. In total the BroncoRail™ by 67 Designs contains just 4 main components and just 4 fasteners.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Prepare the Carbon Fiber Center Plate

There are two holes in the center carbon fiber plate. Using the 5mm button head socket fastener, insert that into the small hole from the side with the BroncoRail™ logo. Then loosely fit the Series 55 track nut. The track nut has a formed curve and so ensure the fastener thread goes into the inside of the curved nut.

Step 2: Slide the center plate, fastener and nut along the rail.

It will be obvious how the machined profile of the carbon fiber center plate will slot into the top of the Series 55 rail that is the backbone of the BroncoRail™. Place the plate approximately at the center of the rail, but do not tighten the fastener yet.

Step 3: Slide on the nylon Series 55 rail guides that rest in the recess of the dash.

The video above shows how to do that. It will be a fit that will allow the part to slide on the rail. Place them roughly at the edge of the rail and pay attention to the left and right in the same orientation as the recess on the dash.

Step 4: Place the BroncoRail™ assembly in your Bronco

Very self explanatory, but do your best to keep the rail level so the carbon fiber center plate does not slide off and get damaged.

Step 5: Center the rail and install the rail guides into the dash.

It will be obvious how the nylon end rail guides drop into the dash recesses Ford® created. Gently use your hands at the end of the rail to center the rail. Do not worry too much about the center plate, but it will be clear what comes next after the rail has been centered. Try and make the overhang at each rail end be the same.

Step 6: Install the Center Plate into Ford's 'Accessory Ready' 1/4"-20 thread.

Insert the supplied 1/4"-20 socket button head fastener through the open hole and install into the Bronco's single 'Accessory Ready' thread. Gently turn the fastener with a standard l-wrench (not supplied). The BroncoBar™ will go down into the dash at the center and rest on the molded dash ribs. As you do that, ensure that the rail guides are well seated into the recess points. Move as necessary to ensure the rail is parallel to the dash face. 

Step 7: Tighten the Series 55 tracknut to lock in the BroncoRail™.

When you are sure the BrancoRail is centered, lock left-right movement of the rail by tightening the single 5mm socket button head with the supplied metric l-wrench.

Step 8: Install the single automotive self tapping fastener into each rail guide.

The plastic dash is quite soft and the supplied fastener will self-tap into the plastic using a stubby hand screwdriver. Only after you are fully comfortable with the placement, insert the fastener through the top of the driver side rail guide. Repeat for the passenger side.

It is very important to note that the nylon rail guide at each end is there to prevent forward-backward movement. The single Ford® 1/4"-20 thread acts as a fulcrum and so the rail guides with fastener are there to prevent rotation.

Step 9: Get ready to install your 67 Designs trackballs, arms and holders.

You will have ordered the Series 55 trackballs ("BT55s”), carbon fiber arms and holders separately. Install the trackballs in a very similar way as the carbon fiber center plate. After that, add the additional hardware.

Use Common Sense to Stay Safe: Never place any arm or device holder in an area that may in any way interfere with the unobstructed deployment of the SRS airbag. Only use the passenger side of the BroncoRail™ to mount high and small items like GoPro® or other close in devices. Use responsibly.

Thank you from everyone in the 67 Designs team for your support of US design, innovation and the manufacturing sector. To the uncreative IP thieves in the American Rust Belt and beyond who shill for the Asian knock-off industry, think first of the American jobs you are destroying by only fronting and pretending to be Patriots.

Patent Pending.