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MagMount G3 Large and Small Black Steel Plates

MagMount G3 Large and Small Black Steel Plates

$ 9.00


  • Allows a MagMount G3 customer to:
    • Attach the large plate to a mini tablet for use at a desktop.
    • Attach small plates outside or inside a case, but still allow the Apple® MagSafe Charger to operate. The small metal plates should be installed outside the MagSafe coil charging area.
  • Light, thin* and discrete.
  • 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) will not come off in cold or hot weather
  • Smooth black coating

Product Details

  • 67 Designs black steel plates are made with US sourced and certified 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA).
  • The selected 3M VHB adhesive is strong, but due to the amazing properties of silicone these plates used with the MagMount are not recommended for any silicone case.

One Caution

* The steel plates are extremely thin by design in order to be unobtrusive. Therefore they can bend easily. Users must be cautious when removing the 3M branded adhesive back and during installation so as not to bend the steel before application.