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Little Ball for 1" Tubing
Little Ball for 1" Tubing
Little Ball for 1" Tubing
Little Ball for 1" Tubing

Little Ball for 1" Tube

$ 19.00


  • Specifically shaped base for all 1" tubing so the fitting will not rotate.
  • Can be used with the low-profile adapter to allow mounting to flat surfaces.
  • Designs for minimizing twisting when load on an arm is applied.
  • Low profile and strong, hardened metal for years of use.
  • Includes the 6mm threaded socket fastener. 

Product Details - Little Ball for 1" Tube

  • Made from metal for strength in a semi-gloss dark gray finish.
  • Pack contains:
    • 1 x Little Ball for 25.4mm (1") tube
    • 1 x 6mm socket fastener that leaves 11mm of thread exposed below the Little Ball.
    • Important: this pack does NOT contain arms or device holders. Be sure to add desired items to your order. Shown in images for example only.

    1" Round Tube/Bar Installation Options

    • Option A - If the tube wall is  less than 2mm thick:
      • Drill through the top and bottom of the tube using a 6.5mm (or equivalent) drill bit.
      • Place the Little Ball and insert a 30mm long 6mm threaded socket (not included) through the fastener and the tube. 
      • Use and nut and washer to secure the Little Ball in place. (not included)
    • Option B - With a 2mm+ wall thickness
      • Drill through the top only of the tube using a 5mm (or equivalent) drill bit.
      • Tap the hole with a 6mm thread. 
      • Place the Little Ball and insert the included 6mm threaded socket fastener and screw into the new 6mm thread in the top wall.
      • Ideally, use Loctite Red 277 thread-locker, if available.
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