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If an item you want is sold out, please know we update inventory levels every MONDAY at or around 6PM CST.
If an item you want is sold out, please know we update inventory levels every MONDAY at or around 6PM CST.

The Roll Bar / Sport Cage Upgrade Pack

$ 119.00
SKU [P10809] - (1 x C61043)-(1 x F53044)-(1 x D12344)

Installation is Easy.

  • No drilling. 
  • Takes less than 2 minutes to install


  • Orders placed from March 14, 2021 will be delivered with the Carbon Fiber Arm G2 "non-ribbed". (G1 shown in images at this time).
  • The best looking upgrade any Rockhard 4X4 Sport Cage, Poison Spyder or on other 1.75" OD tube fabricated internal and external roll cages on any vehicle. 
    • All the components needed for an iOS or Android Phone using the the new Universal Squeeze holder in one package.
    • Rotates 360 degrees on the 20mm ball for portrait or landscape orientation - or any place in between.
    • Simple one handed operation - not buttons to open or release the device. Just push one side away and move the phone back.
    • The side arms are curved so the phone is pushed to the back grip material.
    • Highest quality carbon fiber available.

    Pack Details

    • Pack with Matte arms contains:
      • 1 x 1.75" OD Tube Clamp for any Roll Bar / Sport Cage
      • 1 x Matte finish Mini carbon fiber arm
      • 1 x Universal for Phones G2 holder
      • Important: The clamp is suitable for painted and smooth powder coated 1.75" tube. Due to the very high build and texture of some coatings such as Rhino Linings® or Line-X® , it may be a less than optimal fit. Contact Customer Service if you have questions.

        Small detail...

        • The Rockhard 4X4 Sport Cage is NOT included!!
        • The iPhone and case is NOT included!!. Shown for example only. 

        Legal Considerations

        • It is not always possible to use this product or other mounting system depending on Federal, State and Municipality laws. Some States have strict rules on mounting devices that may, depending on poor positioning, impair a driver's ability to see the road. 
        • It is the responsibility of every customer - and not 67 Designs - to know the laws in their local area or in other regions if venturing from home. 
        • Research and know before you purchase any mount from 67 Designs.
        • 67 Designs is not responsible for any improper or illegal use of the hardware.