Customer Spotlight: Braden Call

Customer Spotlight: Braden Call

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Jeep through red rocks


On this “episode” of 67 Designs Customer Spotlights, where we share the stories of some of our customers, we get to know Braden Call. Call, from South Jordan, Utah, is a product manager for a software company. On the weekends, you can catch him and his family wheeling around Utah and beyond. Read on for more about Braden’s overlanding adventures!


Proud owner of: a 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

Featured upgrades: Braden’s “Bison Gladiator” is decked out with the following...

  • TeraFlex Alpine IR Short Control Arm Kit (2 ½ inch) 
  • Falcon 3.3 shocks 
  • 67 Designs Series 55 Rail, 2 Universal for Phones and Garmin inReach compatible plate 
  • TeraFlex Nomad Off-Road Wheel
  • BFGoodrich 35in KO2 tires
  • Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders - CBI Offroad Fab
  • weBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster 
  • Mopar Front Bumper (steel)
  • Mopar Snorkel 
  • Yakima Bed Rack (Outpost HD system)
  • iKamper Skycamp Mini
  • MAXTRAX (black)
  • Baja Designs LP9 Auxiliary Lights
  • Baja Designs S8, 10" Wide Driving Amber LED Light Bar
  • Heise LED Rock Light


67 Designs Dash Mount Set up

Customer of 67 Designs since: October 2020.

Inspiration for buying a Jeep: Before the Gladiator, Braden had a JK. For him, buying a Jeep was buying freedom. “It gets you out to places you can’t get to with other vehicles.” He switched to the Gladiator because it is better for road travel and overlanding over long distances. 


Sunset golden hour on the Jeep

First adventure with vehicle: Summer 2013. Him and a buddy went out to Frisco, Utah where they explored a ghost town. Braden remembers the JK giving him such confidence out in the middle of nowhere. The picture ops of the starry night sky were also pretty rad. 

Most recent adventure: Braden’s latest trip was his honeymoon! He and his wife went to Lake Tahoe and camped on the beach. They did not have an agenda and ended up hitting some really cool spots. 


Overlanding vehicle through the water


Most memorable adventure: Summer 2020. The couple was able to get up to Teton National Park, where they were planning on hard landing (AKA when you do not have a plan for camping going into the trip). When they got to the park, it was so packed that they could not find a place to stay so they went tooling in the hills and got lost! The brush was also thick and there were mosquitoes everywhere. Further, they were low on gas. They decided to just throw up the tent off the side of the road. It ended up being a great night, but things looked very “dicey” for a bit. 

Upcoming trips: Braden is planning on getting out to Yosemite this Spring!


Starry night for the Jeep

Dream trip: Mimicking the television show “The Long Way Around,” Braden would love to start in Scotland and travel all throughout Europe, Mongolia, Russia (Road of Bones) and then fly the Jeep to Alaska. From Alaska, they would drive to New York. 

Advice for those who are just beginning overlanding: “Don’t worry too much about fancy gear,” “Figure out what you need as you go.”


Sunset and blue skies behind the Jeep


#1 place he has camped: Two places—Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho and Oregon Coast on the beach. 

Fun fact about Braden: He cannot make himself burp. 

Jeep club memberships: Overland Bound.


Tripod camera set up by the Jeep

Notes from the writer: Braden has been wheeling for a while now, so if anyone can answer questions about overlanding, he is your guy. He also called his Jeep a grown up Lego, which was something I have never heard before and I like it a lot. He is always planning his next modification and made sure to tell me that there are “more fun builds to come.”

Check out his work here: Braden is also a photographer on the side, so check out his Instagram pages and website below! 

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