The Universal For Phones G2

The Universal For Phones G2

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We know how much many of you were anticipating the new Generation 2 of the Universal for Phones device holder.

The wait is over.

On Sunday November 1st, 2020 our team released an initial number of packs containing the all new Universal for Phones G2. They are being sold on a first come first serve basis.



The American Renaissance Continues

Long before Covid-19 was unleashed on the world, 67 Designs was re-engineering the Universal for Phones G2 to involve even more local manufacturers. After all, it was the very reason 67 Designs came into being in 2012 - create good jobs and whenever viable work to retain manufacturing skills in the country.

With the Universal for Phones G1 now used in every part of the world on some amazing adventures, it was time to raise the bar once again.

The goal with our portfolio refresh is simple, but the journey has not been an easy one in 2020. We terminated a multi-year relationship with a primary sub-contractor of components and we now work with even more local vendors to raise the bar for fit, finish and attention to detail.


Every Component and Finish is New

We start with two aluminum extrusions tooled to our design with a plant in Texas. We add springs, pins, and real die cut 3M materials sourced locally. Every component is re-engineered and after a considerably more involved set of processes we carefully assemble and pack each new Universal for Phones G2.



Your Purchase Supports Manufacturing Jobs

Every single Universal for Phones G2 impacts the lives of no fewer than 20 American families. From the people running the extrusion plant, the machinists, the anodizing facility and laser marking to final packaging, 67 Designs is committed to every worker being well paid and in good facilities.


We are Building Capacity and Releasing Supply

We are increasing in-house capacity and working with our suppliers to ramp production. We are a little behind schedule, but working hard to meet the indicated demand.

On November 1st we will begin releasing the Universal for Phones G2 in packs. Individual holders will be available for sale several weeks later.

While we appreciate that many of you want to pre-buy products, but we want to stay true to our values of never taking other people's money unless we can fulfill an order.

Please know that we will start out limiting delivery to one device holder per customer as we ramp production through the remainder of 2020 and into 2021.



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Many more to come! Stay tuned and if you wish to be featured, contact us.


Warning: Avoid Fakes and Knock-offs

Thank you to so many for keeping 67 Designs aware of the Amazon's diversion of trade to knock-offs that appear when searching for 67 Designs on Amazon. The 'Amazon's Choice' status and graphic is being awarded to knock-off products that Amazon has been notified are infringing on our intellectual property. In addition to knowingly confusing the American consumer, the products are copies made from items originally purchased from the 67 Designs site starting in 2018.

Please join us in supporting the renaissance in American manufacturing of consumer products and shine a light on why spending just a few dollars more for 67 Designs' products keeps jobs here at home


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